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Hong Kong web design reference site 2016-2017


These Hong Kong Web Design Showcases feature websites from different industries like the Infrastructure & Real Estate, Communications & Media Services, Electronics & Electricals, Financial Services ,Garment, Textiles & Accessories, Giftware, Premium & Hobbies, Health & Beauty, Household & Home Decoration, Products Information ,Technology, Jewellery (Fine & Costume), Laboratory Science, Lighting & Electrical, Home Appliances, Optical (Eyewear), Packaging, Professional Services, Safety & Security, Stationery, Books, Printed Items & Publishing, Telecommunications, Transport Equipment, Parts, Components & Accessories, Travel Goods & Bags, Digital Entertainment, Footwear Sports, Goods, Toys & Games, Watches & Clocks, Photographic & Optical Equipment, Baby Products, Food & Beverage, Design Services, Education & Training, Event Organisation, Logistics & Transport Services, Tourism ( Incl Hotel & Restaurant ) Technology, Association Services…

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Education website – Learning Exchange Hong Kong

Learning Exchange Hong Kong is a sister company of Learning Exchange Australia, established in 2014 to connect educators and learners worldwide. The Learning Exchange Group contributes towards building a learning community focused on the academic and career development needs of both corporate and individual clients.

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Demo link: http://www.hellobaby.com.hk

Hello Baby  在2008年成立,我們致力提倡哈佛大學教授霍華德-迦納博士 Dr. Howard Garner 的多元智能理論、亦是全港最先推出多元智能課程的機構之一。


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Web Design is Mobile and Scalable

Web Design – The web as we know it today has become incredibly powerful and usable. This is partly down to web developers across the US and around the world removing the distinction between desktop and mobile designs, and creating better online environments for people on all devices. The future of web design is mobile, but also scalable. I recently asked Mark at Geeks Chicago, a web design company based in Chicago, for his professional expertise and opinion, and these points were the most predominant:

web design html5
web design html5

Mobile and desktop combined

The mobile design philosophy of responsive websites is arguably the biggest change that has occurred in the web design world in recent years. However, its proliferation initially ushered in a sharp distinction between desktop and mobile sites, with apps becoming the norm for websites. For a while it looked like browser websites might not be the future of mobile devices. With the massive improvements in mobile hardware, however, and new responsive design techniques, the gaps between mobile devices and computers have been bridged to a reasonable extent, making it possible for developers to easily add mobile capabilities to websites of old. Cutting a design for mobile and desktop now takes less manpower than before, but designers still have to carefully think through their designs. With the help of HTML5 and the dropping of some common web design technologies, website designers can now design websites that can be rendered on a 3.5” smartphone or on a 60” TV, without losing anything.

Choose your hierarchy carefully

mobile web design
mobile web design

All developers need to accomplish this is to focus more on the main constituents in user agents and browsers. A site that is heavily reliant on JavaScript in both design and content will be a failure with browsers that do not support JavaScript. Therefore, the key to proper scaling of sites is to know which browsers your target audience is using and what they can and cannot do. The next thing to focus on is the information hierarchy and how it is perceived by users and the search engines. A basic design structure that properly takes hierarchy to heart when formatting content will always appear much more desirable than one that renders pages badly, while trying to incorporate the most elaborate design styles.

How do you avoid totally different mobile site designs?

When you take into consideration the different browsers that don’t have all the features you may want as a developer, you might think you will end up creating a mobile site that is optimised to look very different from the desktop version. Fortunately, there are solutions to facilitate cross-browser rendering: Fluid layouts and Media Query function. Fluid layouts have made it possible for designers to move from a laptop screen all the way up to a TV. Scaling down beyond laptops was a big issue for designers until Media Query function came into the equation. With the Media Query functionality, the browser is asked for its width and the design is scaled accordingly. This is basically the technology behind Responsive Web Design. It allows developers to use the exact same code and structure to scale a site from a phone all the way to a High Definition TV, without dramatically changing the overall layout. So, the future of web design is scalability.

Designers no longer have to develop a mobile site and a desktop site separately. Instead, we can now see mobile websites that can fit easily on any screen or user agent.

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在香港成立多年,我們主要為客戶提供度身的專業網站及網頁設計製作服務。其他服務包括網上宣傳,網頁寄存,網上商店,SEO搜尋器排名,Flash banner設計,E-Card設計,網站推廣服務,網頁寄存,網站域名登記等等…

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Magnum Club - Web Design

Magnum Club – Web Design

Magnum Entertainment Group Holdings Limited (“Magnum” or “the Group”) is established. The Group is operating three of the most popular clubs in HONG KONG, namely, Magnum Club, Beijing Club and Billion Club, where the venues pay homage to its contemporary, elegant and opulent Art Deco past with a span of over 30,000 square feet in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong,

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Speed dating web design showcase

Being the most exclusive dating boutique in Asia, My Champagne arranges personalized one – on – one dates for professionals, executives and successful business owners. Are you a busy single professional who are looking for a like-minded partner? Join the exclusive dating service that we find you a compatible partner in an effective way.

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