Cultural Link web design Image

Cultural Link web design Image

Cultural Link Centre (CLC) was established in 1993 with an objective to promote Chinese culture and tradition through vivid participation.  CLC has organized a great number of cultural exchange activities, attended invitations from various local groups and held seminars on Cantonese opera, Feng Shui, Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Calendar as well as Chinese Festivals and Customs.  The Centre has worked with well-established organizations like the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Quality Education Fund, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and numerous kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong.  In the recent years, the Cultural Link Centre has been more focused on the promotion of children’s Cantonese opera.  It has helped coordinate children’s Cantonese opera training courses for schools and organizations, and has produced new Cantonese opera scores as teaching materials.  Recently, CLC has also been active in producing teaching materials on Cantonese Opera like picture books, CD, VCD and DVD.

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