Web design client showcase – PRO LINK Digital Ltd

PRO LINK Digital Ltd was established in 1999, which specializes in memory modules, CPU and hard disk drives. PRO LINK Digital has for over a decade built an enviable reputation for serving its customers with computer hardware and component parts of the highest quality at the most competitive Prices, Over the years, PRO LINK Digital has built up a vast distribution network serving its customer base, with the policy of keeping it’s agency prices at the same rate. It co-operates with more than 100 agencies around the world, which number is growing daily. PRO LINK Digital is committed to the service values embraced by ?ur pursue is to make customers enjoy best quality and service using least cost".


客戶名稱 : PRO LINK Digital Ltd
網址: http://www.pldhk.com
網站完成日期 : 2009年10月
網站制作 : Asiaissue web design
制作項目 : flash animation design | 動畫設計 , web design consultant 網頁設計技術顧問 , web hosting | 網站寄存 , web design | 網頁設計 ,   content management system(CMS) |  內容管理系統 ,